PerlScript support for Windows Server 2008 64 bit servers

Posted by milhouse on 2012-07-25 07:43


I'd like to use PerlScript scripts with Solarwinds to leverage Perl to create clever application monitors that report their findings to Solarwinds Server and Application Monitor. Solarwinds will only run Perl via Windows Script Host, so I have to use PerlScript.

However, we are using Windows Server 2008 64bit edition, and I can't find a way of getting WSH to recognise the PerlScript engine. I've tried ActivePerl 5.12 32 bit edition and it doesn't seem to register the PerlScript engine in a way that will be recognised by WSH. I've tried downloading all three current 64 bit editions and these don't offer to install the PerlScript engine at all. I know that the 32 bit installer succesfully registers PerlScript on XP 32 bit.

Is there a way I can get PerlScript working on a Server 2008 64 bit OS?


ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2012-12-13 18:20

You'll find the PerlSE dll in \Perl64\bin.

But it won't be selectable during the installer unless certain conditions are met.

IIS isn't installed by default on 2008. And when it is installed, by default it will only allow serving static pages. No ISAPI, no CGI, no ASP, no ASP.Net, no PHP, no Perl, ... To enable any of these, you need to install the Application Development feature set in IIS.

Make sure you match up the application pool with the Perl; a 64-bit Perl needs to use a 64-bit application pool and a 32-bit Perl needs a 32-bit application pool. You will also need to use a "Classic" application pool.