install tcom error

Posted by rmartin64 on 2012-05-09 07:12
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I get the following when trying to install tcom:

c:\teacup link make "C:/Tcl/lib/teapot" "C:/Tcl/bin/tclsh.exe"

c:\teacup install tcom

Resolving tcom ... Not found in the archives.

While a more fuzzy search disregarding letter case and accepting
substrings was done, we are sorry to say that it yielded no possible
candidates for installation either.

Questions to consider:
Have you spelled the name correctly ?
Including the proper case of characters ?

Note that teacup's 'search' command allows you to locate packages by
subject, categories, and the like.

Aborting installation, was not able to locate the requested

Probably a proxy issue but not sure how to correct it.

Thanks, Rick