Very annoyed with Customer Service

Posted by hermann on 2012-04-18 22:07
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I'm still using TDK3 and unfortunately due to a Windows reinstallation the license key has gone. Now I need to redownload it. But in my account there is no download link for the license key installer available anymore. So I contacted customer service by email.

The cumoster service representative keeps resending me the download link to the TDK3 itself, which I know, have and don't need. I sent 4 emails regarding this issue so far and always get the same wrong answer from the same customer service representative.

Could someone at ActiveState who reads my post here please address this issue.
I'd like to download my license.

ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2012-04-19 15:40

My apologies for your frustration.

The customer service rep is providing you with the only thing he can. License keys are only available through the store. Unfortunately, your TDK 3 software is now so old that the store no longer has the ability to generate new license key installers for it.

Do you have a backup available from your old system? There are two ways you might be able to retrieve your license from a backup.

- You might have saved the original license installer. TDK 3 and TDK 3 licenses won't install on Vista or newer versions of Windows, but an old installer will still run on XP or 2003.

- You might be able to extract the license file directly and transfer it across without needing an installer. See this FAQ for tips to locate the file.