Net::DNS crash on Windows 7 64 bit

Posted by chenhsien on 2012-02-17 00:36
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows 7

I am using ActivePerl 5.14.2 and i am writing some script with Net::DNS module. When the script execute "use Net::DNS;", the program crash. I have un-install and re-install the module via ppm but it does not help. Any idea how i should fix this problem ?

chorny | Sun, 2012-02-26 13:02

Reinstall module using cpan shell - ppm does not execute tests.

kah131 | Wed, 2012-04-11 11:01

When trying to install using the cpan shell, the tests fail and the module doesn't install. If I force the install in cpan, it installs but Net::DNS crashes similar to if it was installed using ppm.

chorny | Wed, 2012-04-11 12:08

Report this bug to bug tracker:
Mention tests that failed and copy text of error.