Adding Gauge to Tkx?

Posted by rchard on 2012-02-01 21:47

I have employed numerous perl scripts successfully in multiple platforms utilizing various distos. The functionality and maintability of the tools that have been employed is next to none. The only complaint I commonly hear is that my user interface isn't up to par, and thus the apps are viewed as out of date(DOSish).
Tkx has ~90% of what I need a gui to do with elegance. The problem is that I really need a gauge similar to the functionality shown by the past Tk::Gauge module.
Are there any plans to add Tk:Gauge to Tkx, or do I need ot back to the last version that included Tk so that Tk:Guage is useable(and have to deal with the past implementation of Tk)?
Alternatively are there any examples of using Tkx to implement a Tk::(module) that may clearify the path for me (showing how to link the old into the new)?

Thank you in advance for any assistance,

ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2013-07-23 10:02

has examples of calling Tcl/Tk widgets.