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Posted by samask on 2011-12-27 11:12
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I am testing the wonderful PDK Filter Builder (v. 9.1.1 - OS Lion, ActiveState Perl 5.14) , but I am stuck with matching a newline (what in octal is \012 or LF, Line Feed).

I am able to match CR (Carriage Return), in Windows files, but not LFs.

Simple test case:


first line
second line

Between "first line" and "second line" there is a LF character. The file has been saved with TextMate, under OS X.

Trying with "\n" or "\012" (with no quote signs) in the "Select lines form Input" field, with no success.

I search all the docs, the tutorial, and this forum, to no avail.

Could anybody please give me a hint, or point me to the right docs?



test1.txt20 bytes

samask | Wed, 2011-12-28 00:56

If I prepare the same simple test and save it with Windows newlines (CRLF), then Filter Builder at least matches the CR part.