Perl Tkx: Is Tkx the GUI we should be uising?

Posted by vldmaster99 on 2011-12-19 20:23

1. No GUI builder in Komodo. Guibuilder out of date.
2. No active Tkx community answering simple questions about Tkx.
3. No Perl::tk to Perl::Tkx conversion programs.
4. Not many Tkx modules.

1. Very nice look and feel of output on windows.
2. Nice Perl like syntax.

Cheers to tkdocs for at least a little documentation on Tkx.

vldmaster99 | Mon, 2011-12-19 20:48

Is there a Tkx module similar to tk::photo.
I can use
$img=image_create_photo(-file => "my photo.jpeg"):
But can not workout how to.
1. Copy image to another object.
2. Find out size ..width height of photo.
3. Blank photo
4. Write out photo ??image_write_photo???
5. resize?

1 in tk::photo $img2->copy($img);
2. In tk::photo $w=$img->width;$h=$img->height;

Any ideas anyone

memo.garciasir | Thu, 2012-01-12 11:38

I agree with vldmaster99, and would like to add some issues:

Perl::Tk not longer supported. Is not included in Perl Package Manager.

pp (PAR Packager) don't load TCL libraries

Besides tkdocs someone knows another tutorial for Perl::Tkx?

charlesp210 (not verified) | Tue, 2015-03-10 19:46

I am trying to resurrect a 10+ year old application that uses Perl/Tk, sometimes called Tk.

Given that the previous application used Perl/Tk and not Tkx, it would seem more reasonable that I should install Perl/Tk. Otherwise I'll be in the thick of porting many levels deep, and I barely know Perl or Tk.

However, the PPM can't seem to find it. When I search for Tk all it can find is Tkx. Is that because of ActiveState partisanship?

Now the approach of Tkx does seem like a grand idea, let Tk be Tk and Tkx just a thin interface. That's what should have been done when Perl/Tk was created. But that's history, and I don't really care, I just want to get my job done.

Now it seems history is going the other way anyway. At least at CPAN the latest version of Tkx is Tkx-1.09 from November 2010. Meanwhile, the latest version of Perl/Tk is Tk-804.033 which was updated 31 Jan 2015.

I'm using Mac OS X, with all compilers installed, maybe I should just abandon ActiveState and use the Perl source distro?