How to install "Net::Telnet::Cisco" perl module on Windows 2008 R2 GOS using PPM easily?

Posted by vision2020 on 2011-12-03 02:58
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows x64

Hi friends,

I have been trying different ways to install "Net::Telnet::Cisco" perl module on windows 2008 R2 GOS but I am unable to get success.

The way I tried
1>Using PPM through command line and PPM GUI as well, but could not work?

Plz do reply Its bit urgent to install it.

Thanking you.

ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2011-12-06 12:21

The module should be easily downloadable if you can connect.
Look at the lower right of this page. The number of modules that your PPM GUI client shows as "Available" should match that index. If it does not, the client has not connected to the internet.

Most often this happens when the system is behind a firewall or proxy server. Manual configuration is required to supply the necessary credentials to go out through a firewall or proxy server.