Can TclApp wrap a Threaded TCL code into a Starkit?

Posted by franksnps on 2011-11-22 07:44
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I am evaluating TCLDevKit and want to generate Starkit in at least 2 platforms.

I am having problems generating a StarKit in Windows (Starting with Windows first, one platform at a time. I'll worry about the other platform later.).

When I execute the Starkit a message pops up saying:
"Attempting to provide package Thread 2.6.7 failed: package Thread 2.6.6 provided instead."
invoked from within "package require 2.6.7"
from "source $startup"
of the main.tcl inside the executable.

The Prefix file that I am using "C:/Tcl/bin/base-tk8.5-thread-win32-ix86.exe" Shows the Thread 2.6.7 as one of the packages available.

There are no errors in the Run or State widgets. Even after enabling the verbose log mode.

The wrapped excutable gets generated fine.

Thanks in advance.

ActiveState Staff
Wed, 2011-11-23 09:52

Can you tell us the version of ActiveTcl this basekit is from ?
And the version of the basekit itself ?

The latter can be had with

% teapot-pkg show "C:/Tcl/bin/base-tk8.5-thread-win32-ix86.exe"

(teapot-pkg is a tool in TclDevKit).

I am asking because I just ran "package require Thread 2.6.7" interactively using the "base-tk-thread" basekit, version from our TEApot repository (*) and had no issues at all. I did the test for Win32, and Linux.

For windows I additionally tried

(1) "base-tk-thread" version coming with ActiveTcl (**)
(2) "base-tk-thread" version coming with ActiveTcl (x)
(3) "base-tk-thread" version coming with ActiveTcl (xx)

and had no issues with them either.

(*) Built Nov 20, 2011 (2 days ago)
(**) Built Jun 27, 2011
(x) Built Jul 19, 2011
(xx) Built Nov 07, 2011

franksnps | Wed, 2011-11-23 11:26


This was a bad install. Seems to be a version conflict.

I unistalled TCL and reinstalled it. The problem went away.