installing ActiveTcl -is profile on Mac failed

Posted by seadeer on 2011-11-09 14:01

Hi all,
I'm trying to get ActiveTcl set up on my colleague's Mac laptop, but there is an error happening (and I've replicated the error on my Mac computer as well). Here's what's happening:

~ anna$ sudo teacup install ActiveState::ActiveTcl -is profile
Resolving ActiveState::ActiveTcl -is profile ... Not found in the archives.

Do you possibly mean any of

entity name version platform
------- ---------------------------------- --------------- ----------------------
profile ActiveState::ActiveTcl84 macosx-universal
profile ActiveState::ActiveTcl85 macosx-universal
profile ActiveState::ActiveTcl85 macosx10.5-i386-x86_64
profile ActiveState::ActiveTcl85Fat macosx-universal
profile ActiveState::ActiveTcl85Fat macosx10.5-i386-x86_64
profile ActiveState::ActiveTcl86 macosx-universal
profile ActiveState::ActiveTcl86 macosx10.5-i386-x86_64
profile ActiveState::ActiveTcl86Fat macosx-universal
profile ActiveState::ActiveTcl86Fat macosx10.5-i386-x86_64
profile ActiveState::ActiveTcl::Basekits84 macosx-universal
profile ActiveState::ActiveTcl::Basekits85 macosx-universal
profile ActiveState::ActiveTcl::Basekits85 macosx10.5-i386-x86_64
profile ActiveState::ActiveTcl::Basekits86 macosx-universal
profile ActiveState::ActiveTcl::Basekits86 macosx10.5-i386-x86_64
package activestate::activetcl::demos 8.4 macosx-universal
package activestate::activetcl::demos 8.4 macosx10.5-i386-x86_64
------- ---------------------------------- --------------- ----------------------
16 entities found

Aborting installation, was not able to locate the requested

Thanks in advance for any recommendations or explanations!

ActiveState Staff
Fri, 2011-11-18 10:11

> Thanks in advance for any recommendations or explanations!

Well, teacup is telling that what you typed as package to install (ActiveState::ActiveTcl) does not exist in our repository, and then follows up with a list of possible alternatives of packages/profiles which do exist in the repository for you to choose from, with the alternatives found via sub-string search on what you typed.

This is the proper behavior for teacup, to help you as much as it can when you try to install something which does not exist, without having it cross the line into auto-magically deciding that it knows what you want and then doing that.

Side note: The '-is profile' should not be needed anymore. Older teacup's needed this crutch to correctly find profiles, modern teacup can do it on their own.

seadeer | Fri, 2011-11-18 10:34

Thank you Andreas!

I see, so the "-is profile" is no longer needed. Silly me, I was following old instructions on setting up ActiveTcl and didn't know if they applied to newer versions. Yep, I've just skipped the profile part, installed some packages, and everything works. Thanks again!