Distributing Tcl/Tk applications

Posted by davepfz on 2011-10-21 06:02
Forums: TDK discussion | OS: Windows XP Pro

I wrote a Tcl/Tk application about a year ago and was able to distribute it to a few users after using TclApp. That ended up being a 2M whopper!

I now have a similar application and I was 'playing around' with the TclCompiler. The resultant file is much smaller and would be easier to distribute. What's the minimum support needed to be able to run this on another machine? (Most users will be either WinXP or Win7.)

For a more general question: What is the easiest/best way to deploy a Tcl/Tk application on other machines? The users are not tech-savvy and require considerable hand-holding.

ActiveState Staff
Fri, 2011-11-18 09:55

The TDK Compiler just obfuscates the code, but doesn't create a self-running executable. For that you need the TDK TclApp wrapper, as it produces the single file executable that has no external dependencies. 2M is still quite a small file in the scheme of things, considering it has to wrap all the Tcl VM. As you make incremental updates, you can have quite an elaborate app that would take only a bit more size.