bug report: search doesn't search username

Posted by jasond on 2011-09-18 16:30

I cannot quickly search for relevant posts by entering my username in the search and the desired topic.


The only result for "jasond" is a post in which I've spelled out that name.

Because I've taken the effort to sign all of my posts with at least my first name, I could search for "Jason" with the topic of desire, but that doesn't fix the fact that the search doesn't work as it should. If the response to this concern is that this is by design, my reply is that searches are suppose to return results for what the person is searching for. If I am searching for my nickname and a topic, the search should result in my posts. The reason this is important beyond the annoyance of it not working, and beyond the fact that it would be intuitive if it did work like this, is because when there are relevant posts, I'd like to find them quickly so I can reference them, or get the staff to refer to them, or perhaps my current inquiry is related to something I already addressed, and thus can merely continue.

BUG LOGGED: http://bugs.activestate.com/show_bug.cgi?id=91198
It appears this bug tracking database is NOT for website issues. If this is the case, please delete the bug tracker, and submit to wherever it is supposed to be submitted to, and let me know, so I can know better next time. Thanks!

Jason Doucette

vjw6k -- Ok, that's 5 for 5 captchas now!! I think the systems is broken (worse) again. And the images are loading so slow that it's literally taking 10 seconds for me to watch it be painted onto the screen...

tara.gibbs | Wed, 2011-10-05 15:40

Hi Jason,

I've updated the community site search engine to include post authors and have regenerated the search index.

Try your search again. You should see a few pages of results now.


jasond | Wed, 2011-10-05 19:45

I sure do! Thanks!! =)

Jason Doucette