problem with using the Snack lib - solved now

Posted by dirkgoo on 2011-09-13 14:00
Forums: TEA discussions | OS: Windows 7


After installing the last version of Tcl 8.5 and copying the lib files from the Snack software(I copied form an earlier Tcl distribution) to the Tcl/lib directory, I have the following error:

couldn't load library "C:/Tcl/lib/snack2.2/libsnack.dll":invalid argument while executing "load C:/Tcl/lib/snack2.2/libsnack.dll"
("package ifneeded snack 2.2" script)
invoked from withing
"package require -exact snack 2.2"
(file "E:\ ....)

Is there something I did wrong, or how is the correct way to activate the snack library on my computer (within the free community edition of ActiveTcl) ?

Thanks a lot for some advice!


In the mean time, I solved the issue, the problem was that I installed the 64 bit TCL version, while the Snack lib is the older 32 bit version.