Mac OS: mach-o, but wrong architecture / How to force the basekit to run in 32 bits?

Posted by on 2011-08-23 14:24

I have a third party binary library that was linked in 32bits, and I've written a package to use from tcl. If I wrap an application with tclapp, the executable cannot load the extension. No problems from the wish from Apple, as it is compiled as 32 bits. If I "file" the ActiveTcl basekit, I see that it includes both the 64 and 32 bits, but it seems that always launches the 64bit interpreter.

How can I force to execute the 32 bit portion of the basekit? If I do 'Get Info'/'Open in 32-bit mode' in Finder, I still have the same problem.

Alternatively, is there a 32 bit only tk basekit for 8.5?