Infinite HTTP redirections in the forum

Posted by kalvaro on 2011-08-22 02:48

Almost every time I start a new thread in the forum (and less often when I add a reply to an existing topic) the browser enters an infinite redirection and I'm no longer able to enter the site again until I remove all the cookies with "activestate" in the domain name. I thought it was a Firefox-only issue but it's just happened with Opera. I reported it the first time it happened but never got an answer. It's not as serious as then (now, the workaround of removing cookies works) but I find it surprising.

Am I the only one who suffers this? What am I doing different than you?

kalvaro | Sun, 2011-09-04 08:24

ActiveState Staff
Wed, 2012-05-02 12:26

Browsers will lift config settings from other borwsers they find when you install them, so Opera may have taken it's queues from how you have Firefox set.

In Firefox Preferences, under the Privacy tab is your Cookie retention policy. You should select "Accept cookies for sites", "Accept third-party cookies", and "Keep until" "they expire". Other settings are possible, and that might be why your cookies get replaced so frequently.