Ideas for improvement

Posted by jasond on 2011-08-10 22:51

Since you asked (and thanks for asking), here are my suggested improvements:

  1. In the posts, "Save" should be called "Post". After all, I'm posting, not saving.
  2. The post's default text shouldn't be Courier. That's usually for programming, but even program code is harder to read in fixed width, as proportional fonts are made for readability. Please default to a decent font.
  3. Get rid of the Captcha. You shouldn't have to enter it even once. Allow signed in users to post, like every other forum does. Even if you were to push this spam-handling issue on your users, which is wrong, you shouldn't make them have to enter it multiple times. And even if you did have to force your users to enter captchas, you should provide it on the spot, not after you post -- I hate clicking 'post', I mean 'save', and having the system slap me in the face with something it wants me to do to deal with its problem.
  4. Default OS to be "all/any" and don't complain when it's not set. Just let people post easily. Or, at least remember what I last selected. After all, I'm unlikely to be changing OS'es, even if one several PCs.
  5. allow default signatures, it's nice to see names, and the company they work for, or even links to projects they are working on. And please don't deny commercial links, some of us are 1 and 2-man indie studios, so it's our hobby.
  6. When posting a post, the hierarchy shows "Home » content » create content" instead of showing the actual hierarchy, say, "Home » Forums » Komodo". This is annoying because when I'm in a post, and realize I'm in the wrong spot -- the navigation is broken! It's actually showing me I'm somewhere I'm not, and doesn't allow me to even navigate back to the forums. This is a UI bug, and it's broken.
  7. when reading a reply to one of my posts, there's a reply link, and underneath there's a "post new comment". Are they not the same thing? If not, why the confusion? Just give us a single link to reply.
  8. when clicking 'reply', the new page shows the post you're replying to, but under it shows "you can't post comments". Again, why the confusion? What's a comment? How about just having "reply"?
  9. I find myself signing my name as "Jason", but likely no one has a clue who 'Jason' or 'jasond' is. It'd be nice not only to have an automated signature, but to have a real profile page where you can give a quick description, or at least link to your own website, and maybe have a picture.
  10. In post editing, you do not allow the B HTML tag, but allow the STRONG tag, which is the same thing. B is faster to type. Sigh... it's just discomforting when what you do doesn't work. Please add the B tag to the list of accepted tags. As well as the I tag. (Do people really use STRONG or EM? If so, why?)

All for now.
Thanks for listening!

Jason Doucette

P.S. None of these bugs have been entered into the bug tracking database.

kalvaro | Mon, 2011-08-22 02:53

I suspect the forum and the rest of the site are built on top of Drupal. That means that they probably need a team of engineers from the NASA just to change a label.