compiling CPAN module on win7 64 bit

Posted by sleybo on 2011-07-02 22:08
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I work with Acrtive perl 5.12 on Win7 64 bit machine

I tried to download and compile CPAN module and got the following error:

d:>perl -MCPAN -e "install Tree::Nary"
Set up gcc environment -

It looks like you don't have a C compiler and make utility installed. Trying
to install dmake and the MinGW gcc compiler using the Perl Package Manager.
This may take a a few minutes...

ppm.bat install failed: Can't find any package that provides MinGW

It looks like the installation of dmake and MinGW has failed. You will not be
able to run Makefile commands or compile C extension code. Please check your
internet connection and your proxy settings!

I read about this problem and understood that there is a problem with make utility for 64 bit machine.
Does perl 5.14 include support for module building on 64 bit machines ?


ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2011-07-11 14:42

See this related FAQ for advice on building modules, the 64-bit section is at the end:

We're still working on support for the 64-bit version of the MinGW compiler.