Perlapp disable syntax check

Posted by dconstantin on 2011-05-23 21:46


I'm running PDK v8.2.1 (build 292072) with Perl v5.8.9 (build 827) on a Linux distribution. This is a build machine and creates perl executables for Linux, Windows and OSX targets.

My question is: is there a way to disable syntax check (I'm guessing perlapp uses "perl -c ...") when building the executable for linux target?

I have some perl XS based modules (for Linux and of course their counteparts for Windows/OSX) used in the Linux executable which depends on some libraries non-existent on the build machine (and can't be installed there), and because of this perlapp fails to build the executable. For building the exe for Windows/OSX perlapp works OK (I'm guessing this works because perlapp doesn't try to syntax check the script).