Problem installing DateTime::TimeZone (possibly a 32 bit vs 64 bit issue)

Posted by on 2011-05-02 07:02
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows 7

I just switched to W7 64 bits, from W7 32 bits, and am having a lot of trouble installing ActivePerl packages.

I started out by installing the 64 bits version of ActivePerl, but found that there were many modules that simply would not install. So, I uninstalled ActivePerl, and reinstalled the 32 bit version (but still running 64 bit version of W7). This seems to be better, and I have been able to install all the modules that I had installed in the past.

But now, I find I need to install a new package DateTime::TimeZone, and it simply won't install. I suspect it's another 64bit vs 32bit issue.

Here's what I did:
- Run cpanp
- f DateTime::TimeZone
- i 1 (that's version 1.25)

This gives me:

Error installing 'DateTime::TimeZone'
Problem installing one or more modules
*** You can view the complete error buffer by pressing 'p' ***

I press p, and get a long listing that end with

[MSG] [Mon May 2 10:46:16 2011] Extracted 'DateTime::TimeZone' to 'C:\Users\Des
[MSG] [Mon May 2 10:46:18 2011] DEFAULT 'filter_prereqs' HANDLER RETURNING 'sub
return value'
[ERROR] [Mon May 2 10:46:18 2011] MAKE failed:
[ERROR] [Mon May 2 10:46:18 2011] Unable to create a new distribution object fo
r 'DateTime::TimeZone' -- cannot continue
[ERROR] [Mon May 2 10:46:18 2011] IPC::Run version '0.55' is required on MSWin3
2 in order to capture buffers. The logfile generated may not contain any useful
data, until it is installed

I also tried i 10, to install the latest version of the module (version 1.34?), but get the same results (except for the version number).

Can someone help me figure out how to address this?

And more generally, I was wondering if people here have some advice on how to deal with the 32 vs 64 bit issue?

Q1: Is it a good idea to use the 32 bit version of ActivePerl on a 64 bit windows (it seems to have made things easier for me so far, but I wonder....)

Q2: When a module won't install, how can I tell if it's q problem with 32 vs 64 bit, and how can I address those problems?


dpinkowitz | Mon, 2011-05-16 13:30

You are using CPANPLUS to try to install this, but it is unclear what your development environment is. CPAN or CPANPLUS should be used only if you have a compiler on your system to install the modules and the environment is properly set up for compilation.

For ActivePerl, it is much easier to install modules using PPM (Perl Package Manager):

Using PPM

ActiveState attempts to make PPMs available for all modules uploaded to CPAN and provides PPMs for those that build correctly. The latest version of DateTime-TimeZone is available. Type the following from the command line:

ppm install DateTime::TimeZone

alain.desilets@... | Tue, 2011-05-17 06:03

Thx, ppm worked.

I had stopped using PPM, because I actually seemed to be more succesful with CPANP. But in this case, PPM worked where CPANP failed.

I should have thought of it.