Attempting to use Iwidgets causes wish.exe to crash

Posted by khoward on 2011-04-14 11:40


I have Iwidgets 4.02 and can package require it just fine.
The problem begins when I do:

% package require Iwidgets
% 4.02
% iwidgets::combobox .cb1

As soon as I press <enter>, wish.exe crashes.

I have:
WindowsXP (32bit) SP3
ActiveState Tcl 8.6b1.2

This occurs in 8.5 as well, and also in 'vanilla' (compiled with mingw) Tcl/Tk 8.6b.

I've tried this on different machines running WinXP and experience the same problem.

Can anyone help shed some light on this....I'm perplexed.