Venkman JavaScript Debugger

Posted by toddw on 2008-09-15 10:58 |
Robert Ginda
Tue, 2011-04-19 13:27
  • : 4.0 - 7.*
  • : 4.0 - 7.*

This extension is targeted for Komodo extension developers.

The Venkman JavaScript debugger can be used to debug Komodo JavaScript code, including Komodo extensions. More information on Venkman is available here:

Once installed, use the "Tools->JavaScript Debugger" menu to launch the debugger.

ondrejd | Wed, 2008-09-17 03:45

Big thanks for "official" support of Komodo Edit by Venkman debugger - it's something what I really enjoy.

adamg | Sat, 2008-09-27 06:09

Any hints how to debug macros I want to create with Venkman?

ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2008-09-29 11:03

I tested this by putting this line at the start of a macro:


When I ran the macro, with Venkman launched, it stopped
in peMacro.js at line 683. Unfortunately Venkman doesn't
handle eval'ed code well ( ) -
it steps through the eval'ed code as if was located
in the code where the eval was called from.

I prefer debugging my macros by using the Javascript Shell,
available in a Komodo-compatible version at

I typically use it in two ways:

1. Type in each line of code (or copy and paste), and check
the results. This is harder for testing loops, obviously,
but works for me.

2. When I'm working with callbacks, in particular event objects,
I'll save the event argument in an undeclared global, like so:

function onclick(event) {
gEvent = event;

and then interrogate gEvent in the shell.

- Eric

ebegumisa | Fri, 2011-04-22 12:11 had a bad memory leak. If you quit Venkman, the memory was never reclaimed in Komodo. If you restarted Venkman, Venkman would take twice the memory. If you restarted Venkman again, 3 times the memory... appears to fix this.


- Edmond -

ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2013-03-11 16:51

There is also the Tiny JavaScript debugger, which seems to work better for Komodo 8 and above: