Net::SFTP & IO::Pty availability

Posted by mart0000 on 2018-10-10 03:37
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Using ActivePerl MSWin32-x64

Wanted to download Net::SFTP (version 0.12) for an SFTP task but the module was not available. Your logs indicate the tests had failed back in Sep 2017.

I downloaded the alternative - Net::SFTP::Foreign instead and coded for it. I got a runtime failure owing to a dependency on IO::Pty, which also appears to be broken, as per logs.

Any way to get those resolved ?


ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2018-10-11 14:41

We have never shipped Net-SFTP via PPM, and are unlikely to be able to at any time in the future.
Strawberry Perl is able to ship with a large set of Pure GPL tools and libraries. Net-SFTP works with Strawberry due to these add-ins.

Net-SFTP-Foreign should know which ssh backend is available from the commands. If you're hitting IO-Pty, you're getting into the Unix backend.
ssh_cmd_interface => 'plink' or 'ssh' or 'tectia'
declares the command line interface that the SSH client used to connect to the remote host understands. Currently plink, ssh and tectia are supported.

"plink" would not require IO-Pty. "ssh" is probably the way into the non-Windows backend.

IO-Pty will not build on Windows, unless you don't use Windows.

Output from 'C:\strawberry\perl\bin\perl.exe Makefile.PL':

This module requires a POSIX compliant system to work. Try cygwin if you need this module on windows
OS unsupported at Makefile.PL line 6.

mart0000 | Thu, 2018-10-11 19:39

I don't mind trying the Strawberry distribution. Only 2 points to make, after reviewing your notes:

- ActivePerl worked seamlessly with the Eclipse IDE (using EPIC). I'm sure Cygwin Perl wouldn't pose much of a problem either. I'll look out for anyone experiencing comparable success with Eclipse and Strawberry.

- One of the goals is to port the final app to a Windows server (or even Win7/8/10 desktops). Cygwin's footprint is generally high. I'm guessing I can get super-selective to downsize the package choices.

Wish to minimize effort as much as possible, while keeping the supporting environment lightweight, yet effective. Spending about 30 mins. (if that's all it takes) to whip up the right environment that works seems fair. At this point I don't believe I can gauge.

Any additional hints for my road ahead ?

mart0000 | Fri, 2018-10-12 03:40

I replied to your response from yesterday (Oct 11th), regarding Strawberry Perl and Cygwin. I understand it won't be posted before moderation. How do I edit my reply if I wanted to rephrase my text ?

Re-editing my 1st post was straightforward. Am I overlooking a forum link or edit option ?

ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2018-10-15 08:13

Comments and Articles are managed with different modules. The module for Articles supports far more permissions combinations than the module for Comments, so it's not possible to edit Comments in the same ways you can edit Articles.