Trying to Install PAR-Packer

Posted by jcrust on 2018-09-14 06:32
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I am trying to add some new packages to my Perl Installation. I was successfully able to add the PostScript-Convert package However, when I try to install the PAR-Packer package, I get the error message:
ppm install failed: Can't find any package that provides PAR-Packer.
I am using the command provided by the ActiveState PPM Index so I am not sure what is going on. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Jim Crust
Elliott Company

ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2018-09-18 08:20

The PAR-Packer module is only compatible with the exact Perl build it was compiled against. Even using a different Patch level will cause it to break.

PPM is intended to provide modules that are interchangeable across all releases of a given major version number. PAR-Packer doesn't work with that model, so PAR-Packer is a module where we never manually intervene to build it. It's only in PPM if it "just works" out of the box, and if it's there, you must use the exact same version of ActivePerl as it was built against on the PPM servers.

The only way to get a reliable instance of PAR-Packer for your local Perl is to compile the module yourself from the PAR-Packer source code against the Perl you plan to use it with. If you update your Perl at all, you will need to rebuild PAR-Packer.

jcrust | Tue, 2018-09-18 08:43

Just to clarify, does that mean I should get the PPM-Packer source from CPAN and compile it on my installation?

Jim Crust

ActiveState Staff
Wed, 2018-09-19 08:27

CPAN is the place to go.