Active perl 5.26.1 installater will support to compile 5.26.2?

Posted by pesubbia on 2018-08-21 03:53

Hi Experts,

Q1 : We are migrating Activeperl version from 5.24.1 to 5.26.2 to fix the "CVE-2018-6913".

To compile the source i need the installer (.exe) to refer the bin location in the environemnt path. But the activeperl installer i could download the version 5.26.1. To fix the CVE i need perl version 5.26.2.

So if i install 5.26.1 then will it support to compile the 5.26.2 version ?.

Q2 : Same i have a another question here :

If we migrate 5.24.4 also will fix the CVE. If then what are files will get update and what we need to patch to get it work on 5.24 version itself. Please advice me to fix the issue.


ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2018-08-21 08:07

The 5.26.1 installer will always install a 5.26.1 version, and the 5.24.3 installer will always install a 5.24.3 version. You cannot download Perl source code and add it to a binary distribution to upgrade.

To replace 5.26.1 with 5.26.2, you will need to remove 5.26.1 and install 5.26.2. ActivePerl 5.26.2 will be available later this year.
To replace 5.24.3 with 5.24.4, you will need to remove 5.24.3 and install 5.24.4. ActivePerl 5.24.4 will also be available later this year.