ActiveTcl installation fails on Win 7 with a generic error message

Posted by mbmsv on 2018-08-03 08:09

I tried two versions currently available. Both fail the same way. Tried rebooting my PC to no avail. Tried running the installer from a command line as an administrator. Even tried redirecting the output to a log file, all to no avail.

Screenshot - 03-Aug-2018 , 12_08_43 PM.png16.58 KB

alanheckert | Fri, 2018-11-02 13:17

I am having a similar problem on my Windows 7 machine at work. I have used Tcl/Tk for many years on many different platforms without installation issues. I have the same problem with 8.5, 8.6.6, and 8.6.8. I receive the same error message as given in the Screenshot given here.

I have no problems installing it on my Windows 10 machine at home (and previously did not have problems on my work machine).

Interestingly, I have the same problem with ActivePython. I did not have this problem with ActivePerl.