Package "whois 0.7" does not work on Windows 10

Posted by wuerger on 2018-04-14 17:29

I tried to test the package according to the description

>>> import whois
>>> domain = whois.query('')

But i only get the error

AttributeError: module 'whois' has no attribute 'query'

What is wrong there?
Thank you!

ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2018-04-17 07:49

whois 0.7 is NOT shipped with Active Python 3.5 x64. It is a third party download.

wuerger | Wed, 2018-04-18 06:58

Yes, you are right. After uninstalling ActivePython i didn't delete the C:\Python35 folder manually.

But i did it right now, and yes, after a clean fresh install of ActivePython the whois package did not appear anymore.

ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2018-04-17 08:07

Your error message indicates there's a bad library.

I did a clean install of ActivePython on the latest patch set of Windows 10, and whois will not work as documented.
At >>> domain = whois.query('')
I get a stacktrace error, and
"FileNotFoundError: [WinError 2] The system cannot find the file specified"

Pip installs whois using wheels. I'm thinking that one of the wheels for whois 0.7 is missing a dependency library. If you had an older version, it will use the obsolete library because it hasn't got the correct one to replace it with.

wuerger | Thu, 2018-04-19 02:41


I tried

pip3 install python-whois

but neither whois.whois('') nor whois.query('') worked for me with Windows 10.

So i uninstalled the package and gave up.