Inlne-Java-0.63 Perl loader can't find C:\Perl64\site\lib\auto\Inline\Java\JNI\JNI.dll

Posted by quercusb on 2018-03-03 07:30
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Is Inline-java-0.63 compatible with 64 bit perl 5, version 24, subversion 3 (v5.24.3)?

The JNI.dll in fact is in the correct path but the Perl DynaLoader says it can't find it there.

Otherwise, this version of Inline-java, built from meta::cpan appears to be healthy:


ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2018-03-05 12:53
Inline-Java after 0.59 adds "." in @INC if the Perl version is 5.26 or higher, and does not adjust for older Perls assuming that they all have the old behaviour.

This is not entirely correct, as 5.22 and 5.24 late versions both attempted to deal with the @INC security problem as well.
The changes to "base" were rolled back, but other changes were retained.

Upgrading to 5.26 should fix the problem.
Local patches to affected modules could also fix the issue until you can upgrade.

quercusb | Tue, 2018-03-06 09:57

I'm not clear yet what your conclusion is. Will upgrading to 5.26 resolve the problem or are changes not yet available required?