How to install Net::SFTP::Foreign

Posted by kesavv on 2018-03-01 01:36
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows 10

I am new to perl and trying to install Net::SFTP::Foreign on window 10 with perl 5.24.

Net::SFTP::Foreign has a dependent library Math::GMP.

when trying to to install Math::GMP, it is showing message "Can't link/include gmp.h".

I google to find the solution, where it is mention to install gmp.h file.

But after my all effort, I am still getting the same message.

Please provide step by step information, How can I get ride of missing gmp.h file message and get installed Math::GMP.


ActiveState Staff
Fri, 2018-03-02 18:01

If you're going to build these modules yourself from source code, you need additional libraries not normally found on Windows.

Strawberry Perl includes many of these Non-Windows, Non-Perl, GNU project libraries under GPL licenses.