Installing ActivePerl for OSX

Posted by canitb on 2018-02-22 02:39

Hi there,

I have installed the ActivePerl v5.24 on my OSX 10.13.3 High sierra.

Also added to .batch_profile in my home directory:

export PATH

When I do command: perl --version -> I get v5.18.2 that I think is Macs build in perl.

When I do command: ppm --version -> I get "-bash: ppm: command not found"

Am I missing some vital information how to get this to work ?
Would love to get some assistance on the this case.


ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2018-02-22 15:04

It needs to be .bash_profile or .profile

Then you need to start a new shell or logout/login to pick up the modified PATH.

canitb | Thu, 2018-02-22 16:47

Ahhhhh... Crazy that I missed that spelling :-) Thanks for the help! works now!