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Posted by grahams on 2017-11-10 12:04

Due to a problem on the main docs site, the 2402 version of the Release Notes is still the latest available.

You can see the latest version in the documentation inside the ActivePerl 2403 version. For those who can't install it, here is the list of changes between 2402 and 2403:

ActivePerl 5.24 Change Log

For the latest information on ActivePerl, please see:

Build 2403, August 2017

Build 2403 is based on Perl 5.24.2 plus additional selected changes.

Bug Fixes and Changes since build 2204

- The version of OpenSSL used by the following modules has been upgraded to version 1.1.0f. For more information on this version, visit

IO-Socket-SSL 2.050 (was 2.040)
Net-SSLeay 1.81 (was 1.78)

- The following other C libraries have been updated.

expat 2.2.4 (was 2.2.0) (GD, XML-Parser)
libpng 1.6.30 (was 1.6.26) (GD)
fontconfig 2.12.4 (was 2.12.1) (GD)
libgd 2.2.4 (was 2.2.3) (GD)
postgresql client 9.6.3 (DBD::Pg)
zlib 1.2.11 (was 1.2.8) (Compress-Raw-Zlib, Devel-NYTProf, GD, Net-SSLeay)

- Most bundled modules have been updated to their latest released version from CPAN. Use the ppm query command to check the exact version included in this release.