perlapp exit code

Posted by torsten on 2017-11-02 23:48
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we are watching exit code 5 from time to time when we create an exe file from a perl script.
The problem is not reproducible, but when it happens the next call with the same parameters will exit with exit code 5 too. When I start perlapp in a new cmd window for the same script with the same partameters it will work.
Is there a list available with meaning of different exit codes, especially exit code 5?

ActiveState Staff
Fri, 2017-11-03 09:15

That looks like it might be the Windows
"Exit Code 5"
message. That would be a permissions error.

It could be your working directory permissions are not what you need. It's also possible that something is still accessing the file you are trying to write, so Windows blocks the write.

If you notice this only happens on a second or subsequent run of PerlApp, it's likely that PerlApp still has the file open for writing. This is a known behaviour, and can most often be triggered when testing a app that has just been wrapped. To avoid it, close PerlApp after a run.