Windows 10 fall creators update breaks perl for the SYSTEM user

Posted by yoyoma2 on 2017-10-27 19:57

Installing the "Fall Creators Update" on Windows 10 breaks perl for the NT Authority\SYSTEM user. Upgrading from ActivePerl-5.24.1 to ActivePerl-5.24.2 made perl work again for the SYSTEM user. Perl was still working for a regular user even after the "Fall Creators Update". A batch file launched periodically from a windows service running as NT Authority\SYSTEM contains a line that didn't run anymore after the "Fall Creators Update".

What would be a quicker/smarter way to fix perl for the SYSTEM user rather than running an ActivePerl installer?

Note that the original/spring "Creators Update" also broke perl in the same way. Upgrading from ActivePerl-5.20.2 to ActivePerl-5.24.1 fixed it then.