Install Python 3 as WSH engine

Posted by optimax on 2017-09-10 18:10

I would like to install ActivePython as Windows Scripting Host engine (to use in classic ASP).

I've found instructions on how to do that for Python 2 at, but I don't know how to apply them for Python 3.

I tried to run ca_pywin32reg.pyw, but it fails with syntax errors.

How do I install Python as a WSH engine?

ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2017-09-12 08:15

Classic ASP is now deep, deep, legacy. MicroSoft has been more actively discouraging it's use since IIS 7 in favor of .NET. You might even have difficulty enabling Classic ASP on your systems.

In Python the ASP interface has been hit and miss since Python 2.6 when Python 3 features were introduced to Python 2 and began to break PyWin32.

If you're interested in the concepts, deep dive into the PyWin32 module, and maybe contact it's support team. Last I heard there was still a lot of work to do with porting it to Python 3, and they might be looking for someone willing to work on the ASP interface.

optimax | Tue, 2017-09-12 19:10

Yes, the tech is indeed proven. Even though you (and MSFT) call it "legacy", Classic ASP continues to work perfectly fine on IIS 10.0 - alas with either VBScript or JScript, both of which are a bit dated (yet also do work).

We have a legacy Classic ASP application in VBScript that is so fast that CLR-based replacements could only dream of approaching it in terms of speed of execution (especially after a fresh load after an application pool restart, when things need to get JIT-recompiled in CLR). It also is very easy to modify and maintain, I might add.

I would rather not continue to maintain it in VBScript, however, yet a complete rewrite is out of the question. I was hoping I could selectively, page-by-page hook up Python instead, so that it can get gradually migrated to a more modern toolset.

People don't realize that Classic ASP is very powerful, and still works well. It's very low ceremony to get started developing with it (much easier than with many modern alternatives) and to experiment, and to grow applications organically. It's unfortunate that it is so tightly coupled to VBScript by default, and even more unfortunate that it cannot be easily extended with other scripting engines.

Anyway, it *used* to be possible to install ActivePython as WSH engine - hence my question.

How do I contact PyWin32 support team? Do they still live on SourceForge?