Can't install ActivePython 3.6 on Windows 10

Posted by jacobsor on 2017-08-13 15:46


I'm trying to install ActivePython 3.6 on my Windows 10 machine for the first time. I'm running the installer "ActivePython-" with the default installation options.

The installer seems to run as expected. It runs for a minute or so and then displays a message "Completing the ActivePython 3.6.0 Build 3600 (64-bit) Setup Wizard." I then click the "finish" button and the installer exits.

When I open the Start menu, however, there isn't menu item for ActivePython, so I can't open it. (I've also tried typing "ActivePython" in the menu to confirm that it isn't there.) When I browse the file directories on my hard drive, I notice the following:

-- Python 3.6 is correctly installed in C:\Python36\.

-- I can't find any trace of ActivePython itself on my hard drive. I've looked in the "Program Files," "Program Files (x86)," and "Program Data" folders. I've also searched for any files containing "Active" or "Python" in their name, but found nothing relevant.

I should note that I have plenty of RAM and disk space, so those aren't the issues.

Would anyone have any suggestions about how to proceed? Also, could anyone share the folder location where ActivePython should be installed under Windows 10?

Thanks very much!

ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2017-08-14 14:58

...where $$ is the version number of Python.

That folder is ActivePython 3.6.

There are no start menu items for this release.
You'll find the docs under C:\Python36\html

Start Python from the cmd.exe command window.

jacobsor | Wed, 2017-08-16 15:16

Thanks for the helpful feedback. I had the mistaken impression that ActivePython included an ActiveState IDE. I'll take a look at Komodo IDE instead.