Various failure when attempting to update libraries, e.g. Text::CSV

Posted by js55 on 2017-02-10 10:16

Greetings - I'm trying to do updates to various libraries in ActivePerl, and failing spectacularly. I'm wondering if I can get some assistance - would be greatly appreciated.

Starting from the top - I'm trying to use Text::CSV, and getting a failure "Can't locate auto/Text/CSV/ in @INC...". A google search shows that I'm using a really old version of Text::CSV - version 0.5. I see that version 1.91 is the latest.

I attempt to update Text::CSV via "cpan Text::CSV", and it comes back with "test -- NOT OK" and "make test had returned bad status, won't install without force".

So from the cpan CLI I tried running "install force Text::CSV", and from there it gives an "install: missing file operand" error.

A google search on that shows other old versions of extutils and such. However any attempt to upgrade results in the same two issues - a make test failure if I don't use force, and a missing file operand error if I do use force.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2017-02-13 09:28

What version of ActivePerl are you using and on which platform?

js55 | Mon, 2017-02-13 10:30

I am using version 5.8.6, on Windows 7.

ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2017-02-14 09:19

5.8.6 isn't supported on Vista or higher. Your Perl is more like 5.6 than the Perls that recent modules are written for. There's a lot that has been deprecated.

You'll get an updated set of core modules in the installer, and you'll get access to a Perl that is similar to what the module's authors have been using to build and test it.

Old Perls might be fine for keeping a legacy site running, but it you need to add anything new, upgrade the Perl and modernize the site.