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I'm the current maintainer for Mail::Sender

I'd like to ask that the current version on PPM be updated to match the current, deprecated version of Mail::Sender out on the CPAN. The release currently in PPM is an older release that contains a bug that ActiveState users have to patch.

Ideally, nobody should be using Mail::Sender at this point in time as Email::Sender (and Email::Stuffer) exist to make your life easier. However, I'd prefer to update the PPM version of Mail::Sender to the one that has this particular known bug corrected.

If I'm in the wrong place for such a request, please accept my apologies as I'm not aware of best practices with regard to ActiveState.


ppm> repo describe 1
Id: 1
Name: ActiveState Package Repository
Enabled: yes
Last-Status: 200 OK
Last-Access: 2 minutes and 20 seconds ago
Refresh-In: 1 week
Last-Modified: 30 weeks ago
ppm> search Mail-Sender
1: Mail-Sender
   module for sending mails with attachments through an SMTP server
   Version: 0.900003
   Released: 2016-06-10
   Author: Chase Whitener <>
   Provide: Mail::Sender version 0.900003
   Provide: Mail::Sender::CType::Ext version 0.900003
   Provide: Mail::Sender::CType::Win32 version 0.900003
   Require: Carp
   Require: Encode
   Require: Exporter
   Require: File::Basename
   Require: IO::Handle
   Require: IO::Socket::INET
   Require: MIME::Base64
   Require: MIME::QuotedPrint
   Require: Socket
   Require: Symbol
   Require: Tie::Handle
   Require: Time::Local
   Require: Try::Tiny version 0.24 or better
   Require: Win32API::Registry
   Require: base
   Require: strict
   Require: warnings
   Repo: ActiveState Package Repository
   Installed: 0.900003 (site)

ActiveState Staff
Wed, 2017-01-25 10:56

I've posted a bug request for this update. Note: Updates won't get applied for repositories (like 5.14) that have already been frozen.