ActivePerl error in SecureCRT

Posted by mikeanderson on 2016-10-27 11:24

Has anyone found a fix for the error:

The 'PerlScript' script engine crashed during initialization.

If you are using ActivePerl, ActiveState has acknowledged this is a known problem in versions newer than 5.16. Please contact ActiveState for information regarding a fix for the problem.

This is when trying to call a perl script in VanDyke Software's SecureCRT. I have tried a few different versions of SecureCRT and none of them are working.

Currently the Versions I am trying to use are:
SecureCRT 8.0.3 (x64 build 1183)
ActivePerl 5.24.0 Build 2400 (64-bit)

SecureCRT Error.png6.88 KB