tcltest::configure -singleproc issue

Posted by wythe on 2016-07-15 19:03

I use tcltest package to start my automation test and when I specify tcltest::configure in all.tcl as below:
::tcltest::configure -verbose {body skip error pass start}
::tcltest::configure -testdir [file dirname [file normalize [info script]]]/testcase/YKT6000-5G
::tcltest::configure -file china_mobile_test_6.2.1.2_EVP_line.yk
::tcltest::configure -singleproc false
::tcltest::configure -outfile output.txt
::tcltest::configure -errfile error.txt
I can find all necessary information in output.txt.However,when I specify tcltest::configure -singleproc with true,I can't find any information about telneting devices and sending commands in output.txt.
Could you help me solve this issue?
Attachments are results in output.txt with situation -singleproc false and -singleproc true

Best regards.

false_output.txt57.31 KB
true_output.txt1.54 KB

wythe | Wed, 2016-07-27 21:38

guys,pls help me solve this issue.