Problem debugging subprocesses/spawnpoints in TDK

Posted by gooberj7 on 2016-05-04 10:18
Forums: TDK discussion | OS: Windows 8

I'm trying to run through the 'Debugging Subprocesses' example that is shipped with TDK and it is not behaving the way that the tutorial explains it should.

I start the debugger project (spawn.tpj), then run it and nothing special happens. The main.tcl script gets loaded into the code area and it runs the script and displays the messages to the console. Beyond that, nothing else new code tabs, etc. The way that I am able to add the spawnpoints (by "add" I mean, have the green arrows show at the line of the spawnpoint) is by editing the project settings by going to the 'Startup & Exit' tab and enabling the Startup area's checkbox.

Once that is done and the file reloads and I re-run it, I do see the two extra tabs in the Code display area, but the code area of the new tabs are blank and I never have a chance to step through the code.

I'm running Win 8.1 and my TDK version is 5.4.