Installing active perl in lubuntu: Paths? Man?

Posted by xander2077 on 2016-04-29 08:31

i just installed active perl, and it went without a hitch, except... i have no idea how to set the PATH and MAN variables as suggested in the documentation or the prompt after installation. it doesnt go into much detail and assumes the user knows what to do. well i dont know what to do...

the problem lies in that lubuntu has to be different from other versions of ubuntu/debian, so it is a wild goose chase to find the correct files to append so that the MAN and PATH variables are correct and i can start using activeperl. google search lends no clear results and is still confusing. my file structure often does not have the same files mentioned in community posts, so appending the files suggested does no good. i dont have the same files. this leaves me hanging and wondering where to find them, since my files and directory do not match the answers im finding. as a result i have a bajillion windows and files open trying to sort this out, but i need to narrow it down to the actual files i need to append in lubuntu and what exactly i need to put in those text files correctly in a lubuntu environment. the files either do not exist, or such things are handled differently by another file that provides the same function but is not named in any of the answers im reading.

ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2016-08-30 09:44

According to the wiki for LUbuntu your default command line program is LXTerminal.

LXTerminal runs a Bash shell. Bash shells will respect and use .profile or .bashrc
These files might not exist for your userID, but default templates will be present.
(/etc/profile /etc/bash.bashrc)