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As per license_overview.html, it says that "You may freely distribute .dll files that are output by PerlCtrl, .msi files that are output by PerlMSI, and .exe files that are output by PerlApp and PerlSvc."

Q1. In this case, who is licenser of .exe file? Me or Me&ActivePerl?
Q2. What is the license of .exe file? Own license or both(own & active perl)?
Q3. If I'll be licenser, should I appear the license of Active Perl to licensee? Can I choose?

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ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2016-04-26 08:11

Q1) You may apply your own license to your works.
Q2) Your license may not conflict with the any of the terms of the Perl Dev Kit license, and you may not breach the terms of the ActivePerl license; Section 3, Paragraph b, Clause IV by exposing ActivePerl as a scripting language within your application.
You are also still subject to the terms and conditions of any license applied to the modules you use, as mentioned in the Perl Dev Kit license.
Q3) When you are wrapping Perl, you may not remove any of the licenses, or licensing information attached to the ActivePerl code, or the code of the modules you use, but you are not required to supply this information as a separate document to an end user. You can do so if you wish to be completely transparent, or if your end users have a requirement to see licenses when open source code has been used.
The Perl Dev Kit is not an OpenSource product, and should be exempt from any requirements for OpenSource documentation.