Unable to Install

Posted by idioms on 2016-03-10 03:10
I'm utilizing Active Perl and the Perl Package Manager for an undertaking for a idioms graduate understudy. I am utilizing ActivePerk 5.16.2 Build 1602. I'm on Windows 7.

I'm attempting to introduce 2 bundles, yet the "Imprint for Install" catch is dark ed out and I can't click (comparably, in the event that I hunt down the bundle name and right snap it, I see the alternative to Install it yet it is likewise dim ed out). The bundles I might want to introduce are for 2.30 and 1.13

Each time I stack PPM, I get this window:

All enacted introduce territories are perused as it were. You can't as of now introduce or uproot bundles. Take a stab at empowering the uninitialized Areas in the Preferences dialog

So I squeeze Ok to close the window. At that point I go to the apparatuses symbol on the privilege to stack the PPM Preferences, and I click around and I click "site" and it inquires:

Should PPM begin following bundles in site?

I squeeze "alright" and it's blunder and Access is denied.

ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2016-03-14 07:52

Stop using 5.16. Build 1602 is not even the roll-up release with all available patches for 5.16. All 5.16 versions are End-of-Life and require a paid license to do what you need. You will get "Access Denied" if you don't have a license.

Use 5.22 instead. That will solve one of your problems.

Also, make certain that your system is able to connect to PPM. You are probably on the inside of a firewall or proxy server. There are additional manual configuration steps you will need to take before PPM can get out to the internet over a proxy server: