TCL Dev Kit Win 10 Permissions

Posted by a093130 on 2016-02-23 08:36

Active State probably should update the installation instructions for the TCL Dev Kit. In Windows it installs by default under C:\TclDevKit, but under Windows 7/8/10 any directory under C: does not inherit modify permissions for the group "Authenticated Users". That means after a default install, none of the tools will be able to modify working directories under an Authenticated User's home directory.

You'll get a message like "Unable to modify working directory. Access denied." the first time you try to create a project.

The solution is to, right click on "C:\TclDevKit\bin", select properties, select the Security tab, select the "To change permissions, click Edit" button, select Authenticated Users, and check the "Full control" checkbox.

If you do not see the "Authenticated Users" Group, then try to add it. If you can't then you are probably a corporate slave and need to make a burnt offering to the altar of the Enterprise Help Desk, and pray the gods of Sysadmin smile on you.

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