Upgrading from Perl < 5.14 using PPM vs upgrading from Perl >= 5.14 using PPM

Posted by grahams on 2016-02-10 11:27
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The documentation for ActivePerl 5.8 through 5.12 still describes a process that only worked when upgrading from 5.6.x, or and older, to a newer Perl.

The CPAN/PPM module "PPM::Profile" is only compatible with Perls using the old PPM version 3.x. It will not create a usable file from a Perl with PPM version 4.x.

Users upgrading from a 5.8 through 5.12 Perl should use a script instead of the old module. Thanks to user "berniec" for posting an example script in the Installation forum:


The shopping list approach will work.

Note that the older your Perl was, the more important it becomes to review the modules that your old Perl was using. They may not be available any longer, or may no longer work with a current Perl.

Note also that when upgrading from Perl 5.14.0 or higher, the "old" Perl will have the "ppm profile" internal command, and will no longer requires an additional module.