Need to install tclXML 3.2

Posted by bjwood on 2016-02-09 01:40

I'm running on Ubuntu, with ActiveState TCL 8.6 I'm doing some basic XML stuff, and all was working okay. I now have some poorly formed XML to deal with, and need some function that is available in tclXML-3.2 (The ability to catch errors without the program abending, basically.) I can only find tclXML-2.6 available via teacup, although I can find the tclXML-3.2 package on the web.

I presume I have to do one of two things...
o install the new tclXML-3.2 package using teacup - if that's possible
o manually install the tcl code into the appropriate places, update lists etc. etc.

Has anyone any experience and/or pointers to documentation to do either of these things?

Any help appreciated.