Moving licenses from Win7-32 to Win10-64 (same machine)

Posted by rdohrenburg on 2015-08-05 22:59
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After too much thought and planning I finally gave up win7-32 and moved to win10-64. For the time being I want to keep win7-32 in a separate disk and I already fresh installed win10-64 in another disk SAME computer using dual boot. Right now I'm in the process of installing all the programs that I need in win10.

I just paid for an upgrade and downloaded the program and license but I haven't installed anything yet.

My questions:
1. The most important question. Will I be able to run from both hard disks?
2. When I finally decide win10 is reliable how do I move the license to win10?
3. Should I install the upgrade in win7 and then move the lic to win10 or fresh install it on win10?


ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2015-08-06 10:57

ActiveState Tools licenses (Dev Kits and Komodo IDE) are per-user, not per-system. You can install them, and install them again, and again, on as many machines as you work with.

You won't have to move the license from Win 7 to the Win 10 disk, unless you want to when it comes time to clean up the old disk for re-cycling. There's a FAQ in the Licenses section for locating the actual file.

Installation order won't make a big difference to the license installer, as long as the new Komodo get new keys. Easiest is probably best, so just pull down a fresh copy of the license installer from your account page that gives you keys for the new version, and do a fresh install with the new Komodo and the new license installer.

rdohrenburg | Sat, 2015-08-15 21:26

Thanks for the reply.

I upgraded the W7 installation and fresh installed KIDE9.2 in the W10 disk everything working fine just another question.

How can I migrate my projects and the syntax coloring options to the fresh install?