Cannot find itcl 4.x in ActiveState teapot ?!? (corrected)

Posted by langesw on 2015-05-05 04:32
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We try switching our application from 8.5.x to
We always build crossplatform using tclapp and the ActiveState repo (Linux -> Win) but we cannot get itcl 4.0 from the activestate teapot ?!?!
Only Itcl 3.4 can be found ...
An installed activetcl contains the itcl 4.0 package in the libs dir ...

Is it just missing ?
Or are we doing something wrong ?

More checking done .......

The itcl 4.0 is missing in the *basekits*, it is no separate package anymore !!!

It is contained only in base-tk-thread-
but missing from base-tcl-thread- !!!!

It there a problem with it ? Or is this just an "error" ?



ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2015-05-12 10:04

Historically, the base-tcl basekits are the "tclsh" base. They do not contain additional modules unless they must. Itcl is not in the 8.5 base-tcl basekits either.

The Tk basekits are the extended base. They contain the matching version of iTcl.