Perl Package Install error

Posted by romitsn on 2015-04-10 13:19
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows Server 2003

C:\Documents and Settings\ccadm>ppm install Crypt::SSLeay
Error: No valid repositories: Error: 404 Not Found at C:/Program
Files/Perl/site/lib/PPM/ line 84

It's because the space in the directory - Program Files.

How to fix this?

ActiveState Staff
Fri, 2015-04-10 15:46

Installing to Programs files is a mitigation measure for CVE-2012-5377, but it comes with an associated loss of functionality on Windows, and is known to break many existing Perl scripts.

romitsn | Sat, 2015-04-11 12:08


Is there any other way to fix this than install Perl under C:\Perl and use the Powershell script to transfer permissions