Could you provide a documentation for Tkinter and Ttk?

Posted by rinzler on 2015-03-20 16:17
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Hello ActiveState Community,

I was wondering if you could provide also an up-to-date documentation for Tkinter and Ttk users, like the following ones:

But for Python programmers.

I know there some references around, but many are incomplete, and it would be great to have a complete serio

us reference, and only a company like you can do it.

Many (or most) people use Tk through Tkinter, so I think you should really consider this seriously.

I hope you have my same idea, and I would also be happy to contribute in some way,

Thanks and waiting for an answer!

ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2015-04-20 11:29

is at
Covers the Tk variants found on all four common language platforms; Tcl, Ruby, Perl, and Python:

Since the variants are wrappers around Tcl/Tk, the docs in your posting are the definitive references. Seeing examples of how to write something in Tcl/Tk side-by-side with the syntax for doing the same thing with the wrappers is often the part that is missing.

rinzler | Mon, 2015-04-20 12:31

Yes, it is a good reference, mostly because of the tutorial, but it's is incomplete, mostly the widgets references. It would be nice if that website becomes open source and people can contribute to it.

Is there a possibility that this could happen?