Known Issues in recent releases

Posted by grahams on 2015-03-18 07:31

This posting will track known issues with the current set of Community Edition releases.

- perdoc errors On Windows
Versions affected and (Versions using perldoc v3.27)
Components affected: perldoc
Symptoms: perdoc errors with "invalid argument: -R"
Workaround: perldoc -T (document) | more
Bug Status: Core Perl bug
Fix Availability: Fix expected in the next ActiveState releases for 5.24 and 5.22.

- MicroSoft Compilers are incompatible -
Versions affected:
All 5.18, 5.20, 5.22, 5.24
Components affected: Locally compiled modules. Locally linked binaries.
Symptoms: Access Violation errors, or SegFaults when the dll is loaded.
Workaround: Use MinGW.
Bug Status: Assigned
Fix Availability: Compatibility is expected to be restored in a future release.

- Perls built with MinGW may have components with duplicate pointers.
Versions affected:
5.18 and 5.20
Components affected: Perl binaries, some Module binaries compiled with affected Perls
Symptom: Segfaults and access violations that occur when any other binaries are already using a preferred memory address.
Workaround: Use 5.16 or older Perls
Bug Status: Resolved, however new versions are not 100% compatible with previous Perls in the same release branch.
Fix Availability:,, and

- Compiler suite change has broken some Perl speciality variants -
Versions affected:,,,
Components affected: PerlSE, PerlIS, PerlEx
Symptom: Component crashes at, or near, startup.
Workaround: Use
Bug Status: Resolved.
Fix Availability: Available. This issue is fixed in and

- PPM GUI client crashes on exit if Window is closed by clicking close handle.
Versions affected:
5.18.0 and newer on OS X and Windows
Components affected: PPM GUI
Workaround: Close PPM using the menu option for Exit
Bug Status: Closed
Fix Available: Update your version to or Or upgrade to

- PPM GUI client crashes if Box Sync client is also installed -
Versions affected:
Components affected: PPM GUI (also affects wrapped files made by PerlApp)
Symptom: PPM crashes on startup while Box Sync client is installed.
Workaround: Remove Box client; however, the conflict can occur with other products that also map status tags over the Windows icons.
Bug Status: Inherited from an external non-Perl library. Resolved in Perl by an enhancement to an older work-around.
Fix Availability: Available. This issue is fixed in and

- There is no 32-bit Linux version of 5.20 -
- 64-bit versions of 5.20 require glibc 2.15 or greater -
Versions affected:
All 5.20, All 5.22
Components affected: All
Symptoms: The Downloads page does not offer a 32-bit version of 5.20. 64-bit versions of ActivePerl 5.20 report a glibc error, and will not run on older versions of Linux.
Workaround: Use 5.18 builds, or upgrade to a 64-bit Linux version that supplies glibc 2.15 or greater
Bug Status: By Design. The ActivePerl Community Edition Linux platform has been harmonized with the ActiveState Stackato product.
Fix Availability: None.